London Event Photographer: Oculus & Facebook Party at the Zoo.

Recently, Raccoon London Events Photographer Helen was commissioned by Oculus & Facebook to photograph their annual staff party at the ZSL London Zoo. 

60 guests from the internal oculus team attended the event. They started off with a very wild drinks reception in the reptile house, where some meerkats came to visit! 

The guests then ventured onto the Terrace reception via a few turns on the ZSL Zoo merry go round. After a three course super the guests had the opportunity to create their own terrariums, courtesy of the indoor plant company, Jar and Fern. The guests then attempted to sculpt some penguins out of ice with hammers and chisels, a workshop conducted by the U.K. and Europes leading ice sculpture specialist Ice Box.

It's not often that Raccoon London has the chance to go to ZSL Zoo, you'd think as an event photographer in London that we would be there all the time! Still, either way, we absolutely adored shooting this fierce party.

See some examples of Helen's corporate party photography below!

London Event Photographer: Fly On The Wall

In December Raccoon London events photographer Theo was commissioned to document a Christmas party for Channel Telecom, a telecommunications wholesaler. Channel Telecom had their Christmas party at 89 Pall Mall St. James's, this location is extremely photogenic. Theo's images from the event are truly beautiful and a classic example of reportage style documentary photography. 

Many of our clients love Theo's approach to documenting events, his unobtrusive nature combined with his observant documentary style means he is able to capture some lovely candid moments. More and more we are experiencing clients ask for reportage photographers such as Theo. Reportage events photography requires real skill and understanding, attentiveness and also a quick-trigger finger, candid moments are over and done within a matter of seconds.

We asked Theo to comment on his documentary style. 

"Shooting a Black Tie event isn’t my usual day to day assignment working as a photojournalist, but they offer a unique opportunity to shoot differently by incorporating a photojournalistic/documentary approach to creating the images. Working as a photojournalist has helped shape my style, searching for those moments, different from others, that stand out - in terms of framing, style or just waiting for that right split second to arise. I approach a shoot like this one as I would any other, searching for those moments. In this way I try to offer something different from your run of the mill event photography, approaching it as a fly on the wall, standing back and observing moments unfold between individuals. I also look for the things that usually go unnoticed - objects, unusual pockets of light, strange or colourful juxtapositions. Entering events such as this one I always check the space/light and think “how can i get the most artistic and creative images out of the space I’m in”. With an event such as this one the building was incredible which helps in creating the right frames. Other events might offer less in terms of the location, but there is still always scope to create attractive work wherever you are through your own eye and style. Framing is key, but how can you approach it differently? Rather than a straight portrait I think about features, if the colour and emotion is displayed in an individual part of someones face then i’ll turn my lens to that - an opulent bowtie, a grinning smile - whatever catches my eye the most. I hope that with my day-to-day photojournalism work I can reflect and emulate my style onto event photography, offering something visually different to the event photos that you may expect to see." 


London Events Photographer: A New Year, A new You!

Another year has come to a close and with it, we have experienced another gluttonous Christmas celebration. The calorie counting goes out the window, the socially acceptable everyday drinking becomes the norm and as a result, those waistlines get thicker. Alas, never fear! Because many of us have our new year resolutions to look forward to... So, grab your running shoes and put on your sweatbands because it's time to hit the gym!

Raccoon London Events Photography Agency loves to capture a sporty affair, so if you are organising a fitness fanatics exhibition or a Beyonce Booty Camp at Pineapple Studios be sure to call Raccoon London to ensure the event is documented properly! We have amazing event photographers and event videographers who can be booked at the very click of a button!

Take a look at our amazing Sports and Fitness slideshow below!

London Event Photographer: A Nude Christmas Party

Christmas is well and truly upon us and we have been extremely busy here at Raccoon London Event Photography, especially with photographing many of your wonderful Christmas parties. Last week, however, we encountered a very peculiar Christmas party organised by Nude Brand Creations, who are a brand design company. Nude Brand Creations came to the Raccoon London event photography agency searching for their perfect photographer. 

The very talented and personable London Events Photographer Iona was chosen by our clients to capture their very unique take on a Christmas party, our clients asked specifically for a photographer who is accustomed to photographing a lively crowd and wouldn't mind partaking in the fun! We had no idea what to expect, but Iona's photos certainly speak for themselves. We asked Iona to provide us with an insight into the very special occasion.

"As far as Christmas office parties go, this one had a little more flair than most... Each employee had made 100% effort on the fancy dress front! Was quite hard to work out the exact theme. 'Otherworldly' or simply weird and wonderful..?! Nude Brand Creative had completely transformed their workspace with funky projections on the walls and foliage adorning every surface. It was great fun to photograph 'Elvis' one minute and then the boss dressed as a bunch of grapes... Happy Christmas!"

Take a look at Iona's photographs below. 

London Event Photographer: Look What We Can Do!

Last year Raccoon London Events Photography Agency signed an awesomely talented photographer called Scott, he's pretty amazing at what he does! Scott has such a unique style and always gives something a little extra when completing his breif. Take a look at the photo below for instance. 

Events Photography Agency London

Besides being an amazing photographer (you can take a look at some examples of Scott's photography here), he's also an amazingly talented videographer (Take a look at the video Scott made with Time-Out here). Alongside shooting photography and video Scott can produce beautifully aesthetic time-lapses and hyper-lapses. Whats a hyper-lapse? I hear you say! The internet defines a hyper-lapse as the following;


"Hyper-lapse (also walk-lapsespace-lapsestop-motion time-lapsemoving time-lapse) is a technique in time-lapse photography that allows the photographer to create motion shots. In its simplest form, a hyper-lapse is achieved by manually moving the camera a short distance between each shot."


We asked Scott to discuss his hyper-lapses.

"My hyper-lapse videos represents a unique opportunity to capture an extended time frame from a gliding perspective crammed into a few seconds of immersive viewing.  We are now able to create moving time-lapse videos that totally capture the essence of an event like you have never seen before. Hyperrealist and hyper-fast to your social network a great marketing tool for any event." 

Take a look at the hyper-lapse that Scott made of the Carnaby Christmas Lights.

London Event Photographer: Carnaby Christmas Lights

For the past two years, Raccoon London event photographers have been commissioned by Sister London to photograph the Carnaby Christmas lights. This year, however, has set the bar high for possibly the most eventful Carnaby Christmas lights switch on ever! Usually, the switching on of Christmas lights is a pretty standard affair, but this year Carnaby decided to throw a Christmas Carnival. 

The event was truly amazing, a complete spectacle to behold with amazing costumes and themes you would usually associate with Notting Hill Carnival. 

This year we had two Raccoon London event photographers and a videographer head down to the Christmas Carnival, and we asked our events photographer Steve to provide us with the low down on the party. 

"Buzz of excitement built throughout the night. 

Norman Jay playing a mix of carnival classics and tunes that reflected the rich tradition of Carnaby street through the years.

All local shops (including Liberty!!) offered 20% off on the night so loads of savvy shoppers snapping up bargains.

Cocktails flowed from the Carnival cocktail bar.

Amazing dancers and an incredible Brazilian drum group.

Lights came on with huge confetti canons after Norman Jay did the countdown - always the coolest lights in London.

Carnival atmosphere continued until late with people dancing in the streets, I’d left by then ;).

See our amazing images from Helen & Steve below, and also the video that our videographer Scott made in collaboration with Time Out.

London Event Photography: Talify @ Home House

Recently Raccoon London Event photographer Helen was invited along to an influencers party at Home House, organised by the influencer marketplace Talify. The party was in aid of Talify's first sucessfull year operating in London as a business. We asked London party photographer Helen to provide us with an insight of the evening...

"Marking their first successful year in London, influencer marketing agency Tailfy thew a #HomewithTailify party for 200 of the most influential social media stars and brands in the UK. Held at the exclusive private members club Home House in Marylebone the party took over two of their rooms. The brief was to capture natural and unstaged photos to capture the energy of the evening and of course the stars. Influencer marketing wasn’t even a concept 10 years ago before the advent of social media but many young people are making a successful living through promoting brands on their networks.  Attendees included @thetripletts (161k followers), @niathelight (389k followers), Big Ling (72k follows) and many other of the UK’s leading influencers."   

Take a look at Helens amazing photographs below...

London Event Photography: Zombies in Carnaby

Recently, Raccoon London event photographer Iona was called upon by Sister London to take pictures of a gang of horrible zombies on the loose in Carnaby Street. In celebration of Halloween Sister London had a series of tricks up their sleeve to scare the people of London, including a giant spider hanging from its web in-between buildings. On the bright side, they also made the scared people of Carnaby look very pretty, having face painting at an event is always a bonus for a party photographer, as it makes for extremely photogenic guests.

We asked Iona about her experience following a group of flesh-hungry zombies around Soho.

"Last Friday I entered into a central London party... Carnaby Street and the surrounding area seemed livelier and spookier than I'd ever experienced it before. Halloween celebrations this year were being taken very seriously. Terrifying zombies were freaking everyone out as they wandered around the area. Imagine shooting five bloodied, screaming zombies as they all run towards you... I think I'm scarred for life! But the night was also very enjoyable - there were lots of treats to be had... Stunning jewelled face painting, tarot card readings and great DJ's throughout the night."

Take a look at Iona's beautiful images below. 

London Event Photography: TP Bennet 'Basquiat: Boom for Real' at the Barbican

Iona was commissioned to photograph a luxury party for our client TP Bennet to celebrate their sponsorship of 'Boom for Real' by Jean-Michel Basquiat at the fantastically photogenic Barbican in London.

We asked Iona to discuss her experience of photographing at the Barbican; "Last Wednesday evening was a fantastic event to cover. Superb location... The Barbican is stunning! The evening was in celebration of the very popular 'Basquiat: Boom for Real' exhibition at Barbican Art Gallery. I was photographing the party organised by the sponsors of the exhibition - TP Bennett. It was great shooting in the Barbican conservatory which was beautifully lit." 

Take a look at Iona's photography of the event below...



London Event Photography: A Wedding Anniversary to Remember

One of our event photographer's Scott was recently commissioned to shoot a circus-themed 10th wedding anniversary in Southhampton. We were told by our client Rupert, that the party would be taking place in a barn, and we should expect the event to be extremely photogenic. We get to see some pretty special events but this one definitely didn't disappoint the team here at Raccoon: the images are absolutely beautiful and the party looked truly amazing and huge amounts of fun. 

Wedding anniversary photography can often be quite formal but this was a definite departure, into a fancy dress circus themed party which truly wowed. 

Our client Rupert left this feedback about our service; "Harvey, just a quick one to say thank you for sorting out a photographer and we will certainly be telling people about Racoon and will use you again. Scott was fantastic. In tricky conditions, he was very professional and took some brilliant photos. We are really pleased with them and thought he did a great job."

We always check in with our photographers after an event to see how it all went and to hear about the highlights.  Scott was so inspired by this party he felt compelled to put pen to paper and compose this poem for us:

With great dismay, it began to rain,

All was set up and we were nearly ready to go.

Now with a new set of orders; “Grab the towels and pop that Champagne“

The guests did roll in and so began the show.

There were all marvels from far and wide

Before that day I had not seen such a parade.

A Tiger, a prince and even a bride

All worldly woes soon began to fade

As they had come with one thing in mind

For it was not them but a fairytale of two to be admired.

On this tenth year it was plain to see their love for one another still shined.  

We can all look to them and be inspired

So remember this tale of love I do say,

For such a beautiful gift it is to give your heart away.

Check out some of the highlights below...