London Event Photography: A Wedding Anniversary to Remember

One of our event photographer's Scott was recently commissioned to shoot a circus-themed 10th wedding anniversary in Southhampton. We were told by our client Rupert, that the party would be taking place in a barn, and we should expect the event to be extremely photogenic. We get to see some pretty special events but this one definitely didn't disappoint the team here at Raccoon: the images are absolutely beautiful and the party looked truly amazing and huge amounts of fun. 

Wedding anniversary photography can often be quite formal but this was a definite departure, into a fancy dress circus themed party which truly wowed. 

Our client Rupert left this feedback about our service; "Harvey, just a quick one to say thank you for sorting out a photographer and we will certainly be telling people about Racoon and will use you again. Scott was fantastic. In tricky conditions, he was very professional and took some brilliant photos. We are really pleased with them and thought he did a great job."

We always check in with our photographers after an event to see how it all went and to hear about the highlights.  Scott was so inspired by this party he felt compelled to put pen to paper and compose this poem for us:

With great dismay, it began to rain,

All was set up and we were nearly ready to go.

Now with a new set of orders; “Grab the towels and pop that Champagne“

The guests did roll in and so began the show.

There were all marvels from far and wide

Before that day I had not seen such a parade.

A Tiger, a prince and even a bride

All worldly woes soon began to fade

As they had come with one thing in mind

For it was not them but a fairytale of two to be admired.

On this tenth year it was plain to see their love for one another still shined.  

We can all look to them and be inspired

So remember this tale of love I do say,

For such a beautiful gift it is to give your heart away.

Check out some of the highlights below...

London Event Photographer: Christmas Cheer

With Christmas around the corner, London is soon set to look very festive indeed! Our photographers and the team here at Raccoon couldn’t be more excited. Not only is christmas an extremely jolly time of year but it’s also one of the most photogenic events in the calendar. The whole of London is literally lit up like a christmas tree and the colours are simply beautiful. 

Seeing as everyone is about to gear up for festive season, we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite images from christmas events been and gone, captured by our event photography team.

Take a look at our slideshow below...

London Event Photography: Horsing Around at a 'Racy' Party...

One of Raccoon's favourite event photographer's Theo was recently commissioned to shoot an especially unique family party in Suffolk. The party was a joint 18th, 21st and graduation celebration with an extremely 'racy' theme. 

Guests arrived at the affair wearing jockey gear and brandishing riding crops; some wore very smart tuxedos and others wore nothing but body paint!  For event photographer Theo, this was not the kind of party photography he's accustomed to documenting but ever the professional Theo is happy to adapt to deal with all sorts of shenanigans. 

Our lovely client Di left us some great feedback on Google; "A massive thank you to Theo for venturing out to Suffolk to capture fabulous images of our mad "racy" party. He was discreet and delightful and we couldn't be happier with the photos."

The party itself followed a very normal itinerary, right up until guests were asked to wear horse heads and prepare for a race around the grounds of the party. This provided some golden moments for our events photographer Theo to capture and you can see them in all their glory for yourself below...

London Event Photography: Eating Halloween Candy for Breakfast...

Last week, our talented Raccoon London event photographer Iona was commissioned by one of our favourite clients, Sister London, to attend and photograph a Halloween themed PR breakfast event in the Newburgh Quarter. The breakfast event is in celebration of the Newburgh Quarter of Curiosity, an event that lasted all of last week and featured festivities such as headdress making, potion cocktail making and a Halloween makeup and prosthetics masterclass - an absolute goldmine for an event photographer.

We asked Iona to describe the event for us; "So this was a lovely event to shoot for a Monday morning!  A stunning Halloween themed press breakfast at a newly opened space on 2 Newburgh Street - just off Carnaby Street.  There was a workshop for people to make flower headdresses - think Frida Kahlo... Lots of lovely breakfast treats laid out by Farm Girl Cafe and interesting coffee flavours enhanced with rose water and popular charcoal lattes!  The space was filled with plants and beautiful bouquets arranged by the Flower Appreciation Society.  A feast for the eyes and nose... Everything smelt amazing.  Inhaling the floral scents and shooting at the same time..."

With Halloween fast approaching it seems that the whole of London is gearing up for this year's spooktacular event.  Take a look at some of Iona's photos from the Halloween breakfast below...



London Event Photography: BOSE X NFL In-Store Event

One of Raccoon's London event photographer's Dan was commissioned recently by leading audio brand Bose to photograph at an in-store NFL activity, which took place on Regent Street at their  "NFL on Regent Street" event.  Bose invited customers into their flagship store to try out an array of their products and enter into a competition.

Any central London event is always fun to photograph and can deliver really energetic and iconic shots of a famous street such as Regent Street.

Dan told us  "Being present in the celebrations and the atmosphere was a real highlight. It was easy shooting for Bose, they just let us get on with our own thing creatively". 

When asked if Dan likes American Football. "I'm not a fan no. I'm too into actual football".

Sadly, Dan has admitted to being a Liverpool fan. 

London Event Photography: Something Spooky is Around the Corner

Halloween is fast approaching and we are becoming ever so excited here at Raccoon London! As event photographers, we think that autumnal vibes combined with scary costumes makes for one of the most photogenic events of the year and we are thrilled to be photographing some paranormal parties this month. Dracula called and we are getting groovy at the Monster Mash… 

There is no better way to drum up your excitement, so take a look at our awesome gallery of Halloween parties we have shot and hopefully we’ll inspire your ghastly attire this month. These images are from a selection of PR events, private parties and club events. 

Helen's Trekking Trip to Nepal

Earlier this year, our principal London events photographer, Helen, decided to take a trip with some friends to Nepal. Helen took stunning reportage style photographs all along the way, documenting her journey. Here at Raccoon London, we don’t often get the chance to showcase the work of our photographers outside of events photography. So here, in this blog post, we have interviewed Helen about her time away and we have also included some of her amazing photographs. We hope you feel inspired to take a journey of your own…



- Your photography is beautiful, where did you learn to shoot? 

Thank you!  I studied English and History of Art at university and my love of photography really developed there, with my final dissertation looking at Victorian portraiture and representations of young femininity.  After working in marketing for 8 years I returned to study photography on a 2 year HND programme in Glasgow.


- What equipment did you take away with you? 

The camera equipment I use for my work is very heavy and I never take this away travelling as I feel that it detracts from my enjoyment of a holiday, and also is too obtrusive when attempting to shoot locals.  I recently purchased a Fuji XT2 which is half the size.  And I took two lenses - a 50mm and 24mm primes equivalents.  The camera was small enough to have around my neck whilst trekking although in hindsight I wish I had purchased a should clip which allows you to clip it to the strap of your rucksack which keeps it more stable against you.

I also used my iPhone - which to be honest is incomparable when it comes to capturing panoramas.


- What was the highlight of your time away?

Being in such awe inspiring landscapes and the isolation.  It was the start of the trekking season so it was very quiet on the trail - we could walk for hours and only see the odd local.


- What was the most testing experience of your time away?

The cold!  It got to minus 15 at some points at night - I was sleeping with all of my clothes on, a -7 sleeping bag and a couple of horsehair blankets.  The accommodation was often only wooden huts.  And there were no real hot showers - sometimes a bucket of warm water.


- What was the food like?

The traditional food of Dal Bhat is delicious - rice, lentil soup and papadums.  Considering the remoteness of where we were there was a wide variety of food available though.  Everywhere did their own take on an apple pie.  Breakfast was usually porridge with apple.  Lots of chai tea as well which is warming and spicy. 


- What was the culture like?

The areas we were visiting were very sparsely populated.  Tourism is the main industry and at the time we were passing through a lot of places were shut.  Many of the young people have moved away to the cities for work so sometimes the little villages and towns felt like ghost towns - but this would be different at the height of the season.  There is a gentleness and warmth to the people.  And the fluttering prayer flags and prayer wheels across the mountains reminds you of their spirituality.


- What was staying with the locals like?

We stayed in tea houses which were either stone or wooden structures.  Some of them new and clean others a little more tired.  They only cost £1 a night if you ate your supper there.  Very basic facilities but warm hospitality and usually a fire you could huddle around reading your book or chatting before the early bedtime.


- What would you say to yourself in hindsight, in preparation for the trip?

I don’t think I could have prepared much better.  I took the right kit, enough clothes and was reasonably fit - although due to illness (I think in response to the vaccinations!) I wasn’t able to do any training before I left.


- As a photographer, did you feel compelled to document this trip? 

Yes!  Your fingers itch to capture the people, landscape and your own experiences.  I always regret it when I don’t have a camera.  I’m not a landscape photographer however so I consider these to be snapshots.  As a photographer when you are travelling with non-photographers you kind of have to grab photos on the go - your group won’t thank you for stopping every 5 minutes.  You also have less control over the timings for shots in terms of waiting for the best light/time of day.


- How did this photographic experience differ from your career as an events photographer? 

It’s personal and emotional.  And no expectation on delivery.


- Do you feel like you have an artistic vision, that influences the way you shoot?

Yes - I think I have a sensitivity to my environment.

Just Showing Off What We Do

Just been digging through the last years children's parties to update our galleries.  I found so many beautiful photographs I thought I should show them off on the blog. I know I'm biased but my children's party photographers are seriously good at what they do. Children's party photography is a real skill. Remember that old adage, never work with children and animals...we'll they make it look easy. Timeless beautiful photographs of the magic of a children party again and again. I'm so proud of my super talented event photography team. A big shout out to Gabriel, Helen and Max who took all these pictures, with a few of my own thrown in for good measure.

Why Choose A Professional Photographer?

Why Choose a Professional Photographer Over a Friend Who is a Keen Amateur?

Our amazing wedding photographer Voyteck...

Our amazing wedding photographer Voyteck...

We live in the digital age; an exciting era in which we can share what we want with whom we want – and that includes our photos.

It’s great, seeing far-flung places through the eyes of our friends or their quirky take on life but there is a danger that lurks beneath. Everyone is confident in their photo taking capabilities and that means they think they can be the professional-type photographer at any event, from a wedding to a christening to PR shots for your business.

After all, phones have fantastic cameras that have taken award-winning photographs, so why spend the money on a professional photographer, passing over your mate who takes a fairly decent picture?

The Benefits of Working with a Professional Photographer

In a nutshell, professional photographers have the knowledge, the skills, the creative edge and the kit it takes to do the job properly…

By Max M

By Max M

  • Professional equipment – taking fantastic photographs is not about luck, but about understanding how light affects the subject, getting the composition right and so on. To get a great photo, a professional photographer will have the professional kit needed. Smartphone cameras have limits.
  • Creative Edge – professional photographers do not ‘point and shoot’ as we do with our camera phones. They see photogenic opportunities in the surroundings, the location and the event. They bring a creative edge that others would struggle to see. Photographers also specialise in certain aspects of photography, such as family or shots of children, or corporate photography.
  • Experience – a professional photographer has crafted their art over many years and through many different experiences. They have created stunning photography using all kinds of conditions and techniques. Why wouldn’t you choose this kind of experience and ability to create the photos of your event that you want?
  • Can work in various lighting conditions etc. – important for any event, is the lighting of the photographs. Indoor venues can have poor lighting or rely on colours not commonplace in nature. In an outdoor event, the shifting clouds and glare of the sun can make the lighting of subjects and shots difficult. But a professional photographer has the kit and the experience to be able to deal with all these conditions, creating fantastic photo memories of the day.
By Chris

By Chris

There are guarantees when working with a professional photographer, and you are unlikely to be disappointed with the finished product. But if you place such a heavy responsibility on the shoulders of a friend, and the results are not what you want, what happens then…?

By Max M

By Max M

Don’t place your friendship at risk. Hire a professional photographer for your event. It will allow you to get the photos you want without risk of damaging a great friendship – and it will also allow your friend to enjoy the event as a guest!

Raccoon London Now Supplies Videography

Our camera man George in action...

Our camera man George in action...

We are pleased to announce that we are now representing videographers.

Over the past couple of months, the demand for videography from our clients has increased significantly. We have been sourcing up and coming talent. We would like to take the time to introduce our extremely talented videographer George.

The man himself...

The man himself...

George is a videographer and editor based in London. George is a self-taught practitioner, his eye is well trained for capturing key moments and his editing skills are second to none. 


Since working with George, he has had the opportunity to shoot behind the scenes of a fashion shoot with Harrods. He has produced an events promo for the internationally renown Elrow nightclub. George also attended the Secret Garden Party in 2016 to film the band Courts as they performed live. We've even recently sent George to Qatar to shoot an amazing Disney princess themed children's party.

And action!

And action!

We certainly feel honoured to be working with such a talented and hardworking individual. If you’re looking for sublime video production then look no further, George is now available for hire.


If you would like to see more work by George then please follow this link here.