how to be photogenic in party photographs

We all have that one photogenic friend that seems to look great no matter what he or she is wearing, what face they are pulling or how they are posing. This is the one friend that we avoid standing with all night, just incase the hired event photographer decides to take a snap.

Although you may think being photogenic is something you either are or you’re not, that’s not strictly true. There’s somewhat of an art to being photogenic. Here we will provide our top tips, so that next time the party photographer utters the dreaded words ‘can I take your photo?’ you’ll be ready to give it your best shot.

Don’t say cheese – 

Saying cheese is perhaps the worst possible idea if you want to look photogenic in party photographs. A wide toothy smile doesn’t look so cute once you’ve hit puberty. Instead try the age-old trick of placing your tongue behind your teeth when you smile. This will create the perfect smile. Go on – have a practice!

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Smile with your eyes -

Many people don’t like showing their teeth when they smile. To save you looking like you’re being photographed at the most boring party ever, we suggest smiling with your eyes. This is easier than it sounds. Think happy thoughts and look just above the camera lens. Remember smiling with your eyes isn’t squinting.

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Take your photos from a higher angle -

If you were a teenager during the late naughties then you will remember the ‘Myspace’ pose. This basically involves having your photo shot from just above you. Trust us it’s way more flattering than having a shot taken from below. If the person taking the photo happens to be smaller than you, get them a chair. You’ll thank us later.

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Don’t lean in on group photos -

Do you always hate the group photographs that end up on your friend’s Facebook wall or even worst, on event photographer’s website for all to see? The trick to looking photogenic in group photos is to place yourself somewhere in the middle. This might sound terrifying if you are camera shy, but trust us, being in the middle is so much better than being stuck on the end.

The problem with being on the end is that you will have a tendency to lean into the person next to you, affecting your posture. By being on the end and leaning in, you may as well be asking the photographer to take an unflattering picture of you!

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Find something to do with your hands -

Many people panic when it comes to having their photograph taken and suddenly have no idea what to do with their hands. Since you are at a party, you probably have a drink in your hand, so use it as a prop. If you happen to be caught by the party photographer on the way to the bar, simply place your hand on your hip, with your elbow back and away from your body. You may feel silly doing it, but it’ll make for a very flattering pose. There’s a reason why all of the A-list celebrities do it!

Relax -

If you don’t like having your photo taken or worry that you aren’t photogenic, the key is to relax and refrain from panicking when the friendly party photographer approaches you. Instead of spending the next couple of seconds panicking about how you are going to look, use them to correct your posture. Put your shoulders back, hold your stomach in (it will help to support you) and angle your body slightly away from the camera. Master this and you’ll never worry about unflattering party photos ever again!


Free bar? Help yourself to a drink or two, that’s one way to relax!


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