our tops tips on how to be a great event photographer

Our Tips for Being a Great Event / Party Photographer

Are you thinking of starting an event photography business? There’s a lot more to party photography than simply turning up at events and taking a few shots. If you want to get paid work and become a successful event photographer, you will need to go the extra mile to impress your clients. Here we will provide our top tips for being a great event / party photographer.

Make sure your style of photography compliments the type of event photos your client requires.


Practice makes perfect

When it comes to mastering event photography, practice makes perfect. The more you practice party photography, the more confidence you will have in carrying out paid jobs in the future. We suggest starting out by capturing shots at family parties, friends’ weddings and charity events for free. If you get some good photographs, you will be able to use them in your event photography portfolio.

Don’t do a paid job until you feel you are ready to. Chances are that if you take on paid work too early, you won’t do the best job possible, knocking your confidence and tarnishing your reputation as an event photographer.

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Invest in the kit

To make it as a successful party photography you will need to invest in pro level camera equipment, because these days everyone is a ‘photographer’ so to stand out you will need equipment capable of capturing images of the highest quality. Make sure you have two of everything as technology inevitably goes wrong.

Get a brief

Always ask your clients for a brief of the style of photographs they require and any particular shots they would like you to capture. This may sound obvious, but you will be surprised at how many event photographers turn up at a shoot, do their own thing and then wonder why their client isn’t satisfied with their photographs. Make sure the brief from your client includes key timings, places, people and details so you will be better prepared to capture amazing photographs of the party or event.

Blend in with the crowd

Event photography is a little like street photography in the sense that you want to capture natural shots of people having a good time. Make sure you find out the dress code pre-event so you can dress to blend in with the crowd you are shooting.

Give yourself plenty of prep time

Always give yourself plenty of time to get to the venue, go through your brief and set up your camera equipment. There is nothing worst than feeling rushed and you are unlikely to get hired again if you turn up late to the event.

Brush up on your editing skills

If you want to stand out as party photographer you will need to develop your own style of photography. This means that brushing up on your editing skills is a must! Remember there is more to editing than just exposure corrections and a vignette. Think about exploring with different graduation filters, grades and masks to give your event photos a unique look.

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Deliver professional quality photographs on time

Always do your absolute best to meet your deadlines. You should negotiate a reasonable and achievable time scale for delivery with your client at the first consultation.

When it comes to delivering your photographs, make sure that you package them up beautifully and include your logo. The more professional they look, the more impressed your clients will be and you want them to remember your brand.


So there we have our top tips on how to become a great party photographer or event photographer. Keep these tips in mind and you will be well on your way to winning clients and building up a fantastic reputation.


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