London Event Photography: A Wedding Anniversary to Remember

One of our event photographer's Scott was recently commissioned to shoot a circus-themed 10th wedding anniversary in Southhampton. We were told by our client Rupert, that the party would be taking place in a barn, and we should expect the event to be extremely photogenic. We get to see some pretty special events but this one definitely didn't disappoint the team here at Raccoon: the images are absolutely beautiful and the party looked truly amazing and huge amounts of fun. 

Wedding anniversary photography can often be quite formal but this was a definite departure, into a fancy dress circus themed party which truly wowed. 

Our client Rupert left this feedback about our service; "Harvey, just a quick one to say thank you for sorting out a photographer and we will certainly be telling people about Racoon and will use you again. Scott was fantastic. In tricky conditions, he was very professional and took some brilliant photos. We are really pleased with them and thought he did a great job."

We always check in with our photographers after an event to see how it all went and to hear about the highlights.  Scott was so inspired by this party he felt compelled to put pen to paper and compose this poem for us:

With great dismay, it began to rain,

All was set up and we were nearly ready to go.

Now with a new set of orders; “Grab the towels and pop that Champagne“

The guests did roll in and so began the show.

There were all marvels from far and wide

Before that day I had not seen such a parade.

A Tiger, a prince and even a bride

All worldly woes soon began to fade

As they had come with one thing in mind

For it was not them but a fairytale of two to be admired.

On this tenth year it was plain to see their love for one another still shined.  

We can all look to them and be inspired

So remember this tale of love I do say,

For such a beautiful gift it is to give your heart away.

Check out some of the highlights below...

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