London Event Photography: Zombies in Carnaby

Recently, Raccoon London event photographer Iona was called upon by Sister London to take pictures of a gang of horrible zombies on the loose in Carnaby Street. In celebration of Halloween Sister London had a series of tricks up their sleeve to scare the people of London, including a giant spider hanging from its web in-between buildings. On the bright side, they also made the scared people of Carnaby look very pretty, having face painting at an event is always a bonus for a party photographer, as it makes for extremely photogenic guests.

We asked Iona about her experience following a group of flesh-hungry zombies around Soho.

"Last Friday I entered into a central London party... Carnaby Street and the surrounding area seemed livelier and spookier than I'd ever experienced it before. Halloween celebrations this year were being taken very seriously. Terrifying zombies were freaking everyone out as they wandered around the area. Imagine shooting five bloodied, screaming zombies as they all run towards you... I think I'm scarred for life! But the night was also very enjoyable - there were lots of treats to be had... Stunning jewelled face painting, tarot card readings and great DJ's throughout the night."

Take a look at Iona's beautiful images below. 

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