London Event Photographer: A Nude Christmas Party

Christmas is well and truly upon us and we have been extremely busy here at Raccoon London Event Photography, especially with photographing many of your wonderful Christmas parties. Last week, however, we encountered a very peculiar Christmas party organised by Nude Brand Creations, who are a brand design company. Nude Brand Creations came to the Raccoon London event photography agency searching for their perfect photographer. 

The very talented and personable London Events Photographer Iona was chosen by our clients to capture their very unique take on a Christmas party, our clients asked specifically for a photographer who is accustomed to photographing a lively crowd and wouldn't mind partaking in the fun! We had no idea what to expect, but Iona's photos certainly speak for themselves. We asked Iona to provide us with an insight into the very special occasion.

"As far as Christmas office parties go, this one had a little more flair than most... Each employee had made 100% effort on the fancy dress front! Was quite hard to work out the exact theme. 'Otherworldly' or simply weird and wonderful..?! Nude Brand Creative had completely transformed their workspace with funky projections on the walls and foliage adorning every surface. It was great fun to photograph 'Elvis' one minute and then the boss dressed as a bunch of grapes... Happy Christmas!"

Take a look at Iona's photographs below. 

Please see Iona's portfolio here.