London Event Photographer: Look What We Can Do!

Last year Raccoon London Events Photography Agency signed an awesomely talented photographer called Scott, he's pretty amazing at what he does! Scott has such a unique style and always gives something a little extra when completing his breif. Take a look at the photo below for instance. 

Events Photography Agency London

Besides being an amazing photographer (you can take a look at some examples of Scott's photography here), he's also an amazingly talented videographer (Take a look at the video Scott made with Time-Out here). Alongside shooting photography and video Scott can produce beautifully aesthetic time-lapses and hyper-lapses. Whats a hyper-lapse? I hear you say! The internet defines a hyper-lapse as the following;


"Hyper-lapse (also walk-lapsespace-lapsestop-motion time-lapsemoving time-lapse) is a technique in time-lapse photography that allows the photographer to create motion shots. In its simplest form, a hyper-lapse is achieved by manually moving the camera a short distance between each shot."


We asked Scott to discuss his hyper-lapses.

"My hyper-lapse videos represents a unique opportunity to capture an extended time frame from a gliding perspective crammed into a few seconds of immersive viewing.  We are now able to create moving time-lapse videos that totally capture the essence of an event like you have never seen before. Hyperrealist and hyper-fast to your social network a great marketing tool for any event." 

Take a look at the hyper-lapse that Scott made of the Carnaby Christmas Lights.

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