London Event Photographer: 50th Birthday at the Botanist

Recently, Raccoon London Event Photographer Marie-Claire had the pleasure of documenting a very fun 50th birthday party for our client Patrick. The party took place in the Soda Room in the Botanist, which is Broadgate Circle's self-proclaimed late night party venue. The party was a wonderful affair filled with lots of drinking, dancing and laughing. We asked Marie-Claire to give us a rundown of her night.

"Patrick's 50th birthday party was a people watcher's delight. I couldn't stop smiling, soaking in the all of the good vibes. The tunes were amazing and reminded me of growing up - especially when the first record I owned, musical youth, was played - it made me super happy. Some serious moves were busted on the dance floor, including the electric slide and there were lots of smiles, laughter, singing and silliness too. Patrick's cake was a work of art, I wondered how it would be cut, naturally, he opted for the 'lightsaber' approach :)  It was an absolute pleasure to shoot this event - I really didn't want to leave!"

Take a look at Marie-Claire's wonderful images below:

Please see Marie-Claire's portfolio here.