Children's Naming Ceremony Photography at Hornimanns Museum

This was a new venue for us to be shooting at - The Pavillion at The Horniman Museum and Gardens.  Despite being a bit grey outside the Pavillion has huge windows looking out over the gardens with a light space and balcony safe for the children.  It's super family orientated - safe and lots of activities for children.  Flo was there to capture the naming ceremony with Else and the after party and entertainment for the kids.  Photographing children is not easy but here are our top ten tips for photographing children:

  1. Get them used to the camera - and show them that you are not afraid of the camera
  2. Get on their level - which means on your knees!
  3. Focus on their eyes when using shallow depth of field
  4. Timing is everything!  Watch for that moment of laughter
  5. Change your perspective - you don't have to shoot straight on - get above them
  6. Capture the details - like their hands or feet
  7. Don't pose them - all kids have their 'camera grin' which is not very natural!  Let them play.
  8. Use a decoy to distract them or make them laugh
  9. Give them a prop to play with and interact with
  10. Make the shoot into a game so they enjoy the experience

Photographed by Flo.  Click here to book Flo for your children's party photography.