Raccoon London works closely with a photography partner specialising in producing unique photographic experiences, which can be tailored and customised to meet the needs of any specification or brief. We are able to deliver the following services to add value to your event and your client’s experiences: classic photo booths, bullet time photo booths & photography, GIF photo booths, GIF tunnels and hashtag printers.

Classic Photo Booth

Classic Photo Booths

Simple & Timeless - Click here for more!

Classic Photo Booth 1.jpg
Classic Photo Booth.jpg

Bullet Time Photo Booth.jpg

Bullet Time Photography

Multiple cameras capture a frozen moment in time! - Click here for more!

GIF Booth.jpg

GIF Booths

Using multiple photos to create an animated image - Click here for more!


GIF Tunnels

Dance like no one is watching or strut your stuff using our GIF Tunnel - Click here for more!

Hashtag Printer 2.jpg

Hashtag Printer

Utilise the power of social media at your event - Click here for more!

Hashtag Printer 1.jpg
Hashtag Printer.jpg
Hastag Printer.jpg