Last week Raccoon London events photographer Theo was commissioned by Sister London to capture the Seven Dials X Tredwells Supper Club, at Marcus Tredwells restaurant in Soho. Sister London is preparing for International Women's Day and decided to celebrate the start of their events with a lovely intimate dinner with friends. We asked Theo to provide us with an insight of the evening. 

"This Thursday the 8th of March is International Women’s day. Last week I headed to Marcus Wearings restaurant, Treadwells, in Seven Dials where Sister London was kicking off the proceedings by having a dinner for their members and Shareholders in honour of IWD. As the wine and conversation flowed the all-female party was treated to a beautiful array of fantastic food from head chef Chantelle. The photos tell a story of enjoyment and laughter, as I tried to stay in the shadows and capture the candid moments shared between the guests. As the only man in the room, I stuck out like a saw thumb! But as the photos express the laughter and fun was palpable between all the ladies present. A lovely event for an important occasion!"

Photographed by Theo

Please see Theo's portfolio here.