London Event Photographer: Watching the Wimbledon Finals in the Bloomberg Arcade.

As part of their monthly events, Bloomberg hosted a screening of the Wimbledon final within the Bloomberg Arcade. Employees of Bloomberg as well as members of the public could be seen taking part in activities such as table tennis, as well as watching the match live on big screens in the arcade. We sent our event photographer Helen to capture the event.

ANM Comms are responsible for the handling the PR of the Bloomberg arcade, which is a selection of restaurants and bars and exists at the ground level of the Bloomberg offices in the City of London. The screens showing the Wimbledon Finals, as well as linked activity with the restaurants is one of many public facing activities that Bloomberg has planned, which are intended to drum up more business for the bars and restaurants of the Arcade.

The resulting images and video were used online and on social media by the Bloomberg Marketing team.

Photographer: Helen

Client: Bloomberg / Bloomberg Arcade / ANM