London Event Photographer: Richard Quinn in association with Perrier-Jouët at Annabel's

Perrier-Jouët is a champagne producer who hails from the Épernay region of France. They make some of the finest Cuvee which is enjoyed worldwide, approximately 3,000,000 bottles a year. Perrier-Jouêt is known for their beautiful artwork upon their bottles and the artworks are sometimes as a result of collaborations with artists and designers. We were called upon by our lovely client Pernod Ricard, who own Perrier-Jouët, to document two events taking place with the women’s fashion designer Richard Quinn (who is responsible for some recent artwork upon their limited edition bottles).

Our brief was to document a dinner which took place in the private room of the Annabel’s Members Club on Berkely Square in Mayfair, where guests were treated to a luxurious dinner and a healthy supply of different types of champagne supplied by Perrier-Jouët. The second part of our brief was to attend a workshop at Richard Quinn’s Studio on the following day, to document a screen printing session. Guests of the dinner were invited to make their very own Perrier-Jouët screens and print their designs onto tote bags. The day resulted in another dinner at the Mandrake Hotel.

The resulting images were used internally by Perrier-Jouët and Pernod Ricard and were also shared with the guests in attendance of the event.

Photographer: Al

Client: Perrier-Jouët / Pernod Ricard

In association with: Richard Quinn / Annabels / The Mandrake Hotel