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London Event Photographer: Richard Quinn in association with Perrier-Jouët at Annabel's

Perrier-Jouët is a champagne producer who hails from the Épernay region of France. They make some of the finest Cuvee which is enjoyed worldwide, approximately 3,000,000 bottles a year. Perrier-Jouêt is known for their beautiful artwork upon their bottles and the artworks are sometimes as a result of collaborations with artists and designers. We were called upon by our lovely client Pernod Ricard, who own Perrier-Jouët, to document two events taking place with the women’s fashion designer Richard Quinn (who is responsible for some recent artwork upon their limited edition bottles).

Sister London: Scooter Rally in Carnaby Street Events Photography

Earlier in May this year, the Mods came together in Carnaby Street and showcased their scooters to their public in the annual Buckingham Palace Ride Out, which always falls on the first Sunday of May. The Buckingham Palace Ride Out involves meeting at Carnaby Street, congregating for an hour or so and then riding out as a group to Buckingham Palace and then ending the journey at a pub in east London where awards are presented to members of the Ride Out.

Craft Village: Indian Craft Week - Event Video

When we were approached by London Craft Week to capture India Craft Week, we were honoured to be commissioned with both a photography and video brief. The photo brief instructed our team to be subtle and capture warm and candid moments, where as our video brief instructed our team to interview key people and create an informative and educational video.

Hearst Live x Women's Health Live

For several years running Raccoon London has photographed Be:Fit, the women friendly fitness festival which was previously owned by Telegraph Events. Now the festival is called Women’s Health Live and is owned by the publicist Hearst and is apart of the Hearst Live events line up.

Apple Music in Zurich

Apple Music in Zurich

Recently Raccoon London began working with MKTG, an international marketing agency with a roster of high profile clientele. MKTG approached us to capture an event in Zurich for the tech giant Apple, more specifically Apple Music, requesting a photography and videography team.

Small Luxury Hotels of the World @ VIVI Restaurant

Small Luxury Hotels of the World are a boutique hotelier who represent some of the finest small hotels all over the globe. SLH frequently hold events for customers and other hoteliers to showcase their services and make sales. When they hosted their London event at VIVI Restaurant, they approached Raccoon London to document the occasion.

HFM Awards

The annual HFM EU Performance Awards are an evening of recognition and rewards for those hedge funds and funds of hedge funds that have outperformed their peers over the past 12 months. This year was the 10 year anniversary of the awards, which took place in the Natural History Museum.

Summer events at Copeland Park and Bussey Building

The management team at Copeland Park and Bussey Building booked Raccoon London event photographer Jerome last July, to cover a series of events showing the breadth of activity onsite during a typical summer weekend. As well as the various spaces and venues and the festive atmosphere of the place, Jerome captured the day of the World Cup quarter-final between England and Sweden.