Diesel Launch Party

Launching their Spring Summer collection for 2017, Diesel and NP & CO partnered with director and photographer David LaChapelle who is known for his famous "kissing sailors" ad for Diesel in 1995; featuring the first kiss between a same-sex couple in a major campaign ad.

Working together with Anomaly Amsterdam on the theme of walls at N&S Showrooms - they created a immersive launch event for fashion and industry influencers to attend and explore the campaign theme, #MakeLoveNotWalls. In the space, dancers were separated by concrete walls, and barbed wire - with them to come tumbling down, making way for them the same sex couples of different races, religions and backgrounds to embrace and kiss - resonating with the campaign's theme.

Raccoon London photographer, Helen was briefed to capture the story of this unique influencer event - covering the production, design and to showcase the atmosphere of the guests enjoying the launch that celebrated open-diversity.


Photographer: Helen

Client: NP & CO + Diesel