Pernod Ricard Cocktails at Sosharu

Bringing their Japanese izakaya-style restaurant to the heart of Farringdon, Jason and Irha Atherton have recently opened Sosharu. This Japanese dining experience focusses on small plates and has been launched with their 7 Tales Bar; specialising in the wabi-sabi-art of creating artful cocktails that explore the beauty of imperfection. Within the bar is a stock of over 50 types of Sake and cocktails that feature the Pernod Ricard stable of spirits.  

Raccoon food photographer, Helen was briefed to showcase the cocktails within the bespoke interior that was inspired by Japan's golden age movement in the early sixties. This included using the core ingredients and spirits next to the cocktails to accentuate the specially crafted drinks. 


Client: Pernod Ricard

Photographer: Helen