Based in Piccadilly, London - Vashi recently launched their newest luxury diamond and jewellery store. Tying into their Spring/ Summer campaign, 'I Made This For You' - they specialise in working with customers to produce one-of-a-kind jewellery that is created with their team of designers and alchemists.

Raccoon photographer, Hikaru was briefed to capture the journey of influencers Carmen Borgonovo and Pippa Vosper - whilst they created their own bespoke pieces. With his bright, natural style - Hikaru worked across a few dates to capture their experiences; entering the store, working with the Vashi team to design a ring, selecting their diamonds in the consultancy space - to finishing their rings by place-setting their diamonds and buffing the rings before taking them home. These were captured in a series of as storytelling photos, interior store shots, and as still life photos.

The resulting photos were used across the social platforms of Vashi, and the influencers as they told their mass following about their experience of creating unique pieces that celebrated the brand message of Vashi.


Photographer: Hikaru

Client: Vashi