Miss World Photography

Founded in 1951 running as the world's most famous and iconic beauty pageant - Raccoon photographer, Adrian was approached by the Miss World competition to be the official photographers for the 4 week event. 

What attracted them to his work was his photojournalistic background; with his style of blending elements from reportage and portrait photography, combined as diptych paired photographs.

Adrians brief was to document each day of the London based contest, and was to provide all photos within 24 hours of shooting - for distribution to media outlets, the Miss World website, and for use on social media.

Capturing the 121 women from over 100 countries, Adrian documented each heat of the competition; from the colourful costumed auditions, to the awards ceremony where Rolene Strauss of South Africa was crowned as Miss World.


Client: Miss World

Photographer:  Adrian